Originally trained in the precise discipline of boat-building, I went on to study furniture making with the aim of combining it with my interest in designing bespoke fine furniture. Over the years my passion for designing and building has continued to grow and, as you can see on this site, I have worked on a variety of fine pieces which represent the synthesis of craftsmanship and the requirements of the client.

The workshop is based at Fort Cumberland, Southsea, on the South Coast. From here we design and build made-to-order Furniture for the house and garden using locally sourced native hardwoods. We also offer a selection of traditional woodwork courses, where you can learn valuable skills with the tools as well as elements of design and about the different woods themselves.

My main criteria as a Designer Maker is to produce realistically priced, functional and elegant furniture for the discerning client. The involvement of the client is a crucial part of the design process. What is satisfying about designing and creating a beautiful piece of furniture for a client who has input in the process is that they feel as if they have a little bit of themselves built in to it. They will treasure it all the more. This and the combination of contemporary design with traditional construction techniques guarantees heirlooms for years to come.

You may also be interested in the Rowhaus, an original and versatile living space constructed using traditional boat-building craftsmanship www.rowhaus.co.uk